, ​Frequently Asked Questions

1) HOW  DO I BOOK A HUNT USING THE CALENDAR? Simply look at the month in which you are interested for open  weekends, and send us an email. Tell us how many hunters and non hunters you want to bring.  We will then respond with availability and once we agree on dates, you simply send a deposit to secure the weekend dates and get your name in that spot.  

2) WHICH AIRPORTS ARE CLOSET TO WRR?  San Antonio and Houston airports are within 2 hours drive time from the ranch.  Rental vehicles are available at both.

3) HOW CAN I BRING MY GAME BACK TO WHERE I LIVE?  Simply bring a 48 or 54 quart Igloo or similar ice chest.   We can freeze meat, prior to your departure, then secure the chest, and you check it in at the airport.  Its better to check two smaller chests than one, because they are charged by weight.  We usually have at least one extra cooler we can give you for the trip home if you have more meat than can fit in one you brought.  If you return to the ranch, just bring that cooler back with you.

4) WHY DON'T YOU DO BOTH HOG AND DEER HUNTS TOGETHER?    The times that we are in the field are essentially mutually exclusive of each other.  Hog hunts are generally from dark to midnight or later, and deer hunts are from dawn to mid day, then again before dark.  No one would sleep.

5) WHAT IS THE CHECK IN / CHECK OUT TIME?   Check in is no earlier than 3 PM on the Friday of your hunt, and check out is noon on Sunday.  If you must stay another night, we add $150 per person to the fee for the lodging and meals.

6) WHY ARE THERE MINIMUMS AND MAXIMUMS ON THE SIZE OF THE HUNTING GROUPS? First, and foremost, group size is determined by safety.  We are on foot and moving while shooting, so that's dangerous.  Even with lots of training, it is a very dynamic situation, and we have found that more than four hunters is not as manageable as we prefer.  Second, this is a managed hunting preserve, and therefore game must be hunted according to that plan.  For best success, we manage hunter numbers in addition to game numbers.

7) HOW DO I FIND THE RANCH?  We will send you GPS coordinates once you have booked, and will also send a picture of the gate.  The ranch borders paved road, so its pretty easy to find, even after dark.

8) HOW CAN I GET MY PHOTOS, IF ANY, FROM YOU, WHEN THE HUNT IS OVER?  We can take photos for you and then load them onto a WRR memory stick for you.  That service costs $30.

9) IF I PAY A DEPOSIT, WHEN IS THE BALANCE DUE? Your full balance is due on arrival during check in.  Please have cash, check .

10) DO I NEED A HUNTING LICENSE, EVEN FOR HUNTING HOGS?  YES and YES.  We observe all Texas and Federal game laws.  Since this is a commercial hunting operation, you must have a non-resident, non-game license for hogs if you are from out of state and a non-resident, game hunting license if you are hunting deer from out of state.

11) CAN I BUY AMMO ONCE AT THE RANCH?  Yes, we can sell you 5.56 or 6.8 hunting ammo, and some range ammo.  Prices will vary, so please obtain a quote if you plan to buy at the ranch.  Other calibers are also available on request.  Just let us know the caliber you want at least one month in advance for the best chance for us to have it available for you.

12) CAN I BRING  MY OWN GUNS AND GEAR?  Yes, you certainly may!  Please let us know at booking what you think you may be bringing.  We ask this because some gear may not be compatible with what we typically use or may be of a lesser performance envelope, and could compromise your success.  If what we use is much better than what you're bringing, we will let you know.  If what you have is better, we want to play with it!

13) WILL I HAVE TIME / A PLACE TO ZERO MY WEAPONS?  Yes, the range is literally off the back porch and there will be several opportunities to zero weapons and to shoot recreationally, if desired.

14) WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING?         - Most importantly, a HUNTING LICENSE
                                                                   - Range Ammo
                                                                   - Personal Clothing and Footwear, appropriate to weather
                                                                   - Ice chest / Coolers
                                                                   - Eye and Ear Protection

15) DO I NEED SNAKE BOOTS?  Yes, we recommend snake boots, especially in the spring months. We have seen, stepped on, and killed rattle snakes during hunts. The most common snake is the Western Diamondback rattlesnake. Less common, but encountered are Copper Head snakes and the Cotton Mouth or Water Moccasin.

​16) DO HUNTERS EVER GET CHARGED BY HOGS?  Yes, because of the close proximity, sound suppressors and terrain features, it is possible for hogs to be running towards hunters or even charging hunters, although not common. This is one of the reasons why training is important and numbers in groups are kept small; to allow appropriate response to these situations. This is also why we call it Extreme Hog Hunting! GET YOU SOME!!