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Wild River Ranch is situated on the historic San Antonio River Bottom, near Goliad Texas.  All hunting on the ranch is carefully managed to ensure good population density and sex ratios for whitetail deer, turkeys, and other game species.  Wild River Ranch has also established a reputation as one of the most technologically advanced guide services in North America.  Use of advanced technology, combined with our own blend of field craft, military and civilian style hunting techniques, is unique to our team.


The ranch

Dr. Lucci bought this ranch in 2001, with the goal of making it a wildlife conservation preserve.  The ranch is much more than a place to hunt.  It is a functioning conservation laboratory.  It holds qualifications for programs such as the USFWS, Conservation Reserve Riparian buffer program, and EQUIP, which seek to improve environmental quality, water quality and reduce erosion. Ponds are managed and stocked with bass and bluegill for fishing and provide a habitat for waterfowl and other migratory birds enhancing the hunting experience available on the ranch. Native plant species and grasses are restored and noxious species removed.  Proscribed burns are undertaken to enhance Bobwhite Quail habitat. It is also a Ducks Unlimited Prairie Wetlands project cooperator and holds a managed wetlands site.  With the very important help of neighboring landowners, the State of Texas, and its Parks and Wildlife Department, a wildlife co-op was formed.  Together they have now forged a unique wildlife coalition. Overpopulation, imbalance and over-harvest of both plant and animal are all resisted on this wonderful piece of Texas.  When you hunt here you become a part of that mechanism, that management, and thus, you help us as a force for good, in this state. As a result of these practices, Dr. Lucci has received the 2013 Wildlife Conservationist of the Year Award for a 50 county region of the state of Texas.

Our Staff

The owner and founder, Dr. Chris Lucci, is a physician, lifelong shooter, advanced reloader, conservationist, tactical rifle instructor, and one of the world's top night vision and thermal-assisted hog hunting guides. He has worked with several industry partners co-developing bullets, cartridges, suppressors, rifles, night vision and thermal devices. He has also performed forensic, and field analysis for the US military and he presented findings regarding bullet and terminal ballistics testing on the feral hog in Washington, DC. Dr. Lucci has been instrumental in the development of the 6.8 SPC cartridge from its inception, and continues to develop  in conjunction with major industry partners.  Recently, he and David Huber have also developed a new muzzle brake accessory device for rifles, for which they hold an approved  US  patent.  Dr. Lucci's training also includes  multiple rifle and pistol courses, including completion of the 6-day CSAT Tactical Rifle instructor course and the TNVC Night Operator's instructor training course. He has also earned high-overall shooter titles for multiple Sporting Clays events.   He has 35 years of  professional guiding experience, including waterfowl, deer, hogs, dove, upland birds, freshwater and saltwater fishing and several trips to Alaska for additional outdoors skills training.

Our staff also includes David, Chris and Jason Huber who provide feed crop production, construction, mechanics, local land owner relations and assist in daily operations. Cris Hinojosa, hunting guide, Camp cook and firearms instructor.  Sean Cody, of
Texas Gun Trust, our staff Legal Counsel.
In addition, we have recently partnered with  Iron Works Tactical. Their team brings experience from prior military service, active Federal Counter-Terrorism Law Enforcement and advanced tactical pistol instruction. Iron Works Tactical is also an up and coming builder of high-end firearms for the selective hunter, specializing in 6.8SPC builds.

These strategic partnerships have made our company a well rounded conglomerate of scientists, lifelong hunters, tactical pistol and rifle shooters, shotgunners and night vision and stealth specialists.
 We are excited to be able to share all these skills and knowledge with you, the clients, and look forward to providing you the experience of a lifetime!